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JNF Water Summits


JNF Water Summits

A global water crisis is upon us. Israel has been at the forefront of water solutions for several decades. Jewish National Fund has played a central role in Israel’s water achievements, and continues to do so today. To share Israel’s technological advancements and amazing accomplishments in water resources with the U.S., JNF is launching a series of Water Summits. At each Water Summit:

Learn about global water issues and Israel’s successes in water technology from keynote speaker Seth M. Siegel, author of the soon-to-be-released book Let There Be Water: Israel's Solution for a Water-Starved World, see below for more information on the author and book.

  • Participate in an interactive panel on both Israeli and local water technology and solutions
  • Hear from today’s key influencers in water reuse and development
  • Learn how Israel has mitigated its water crisis and how the US can do the same
  • Network with urban planners, environmentalists, water industry leaders and more

JNF Water Solutions

For many years, JNF has been working to bolster Israel’s water economy by developing alternative water sources, saving the economy millions every year, advancing Israeli agriculture, and improving the environmental water quality. JNF’s work with water:

  • Increased Israel’s water economy by 12% through the treatment, recycling, and collection of both waste and run off water, responsible aquifer drilling, and river rehabilitation
  • Helped build over 250 reservoirs, raising the amount of recycled and runoff water in Israel from 4%, three decades ago, to 80% today
  • Over half of agricultural water in Israel comes from recycled and reused wastewater—31% of that water is supplied by JNF reservoirs
Let There Be Water is the remarkable story of Israel, an account of how a lonely desert was transformed into a blooming, welcoming home by virtue of creativity, innovation, and revolutionary technology.”

— Shimon Peres, Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Former President of the State of Israel

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Let There Be Water: Israel’s Solution For A Water-Starved World

After learning of a global water crisis and hearing that Israel had a world-leading approach to water, author Seth M. Siegel decided that it was an important lesson to share. Let There Be Water: Israel’s Solution for a Water-Starved World is culmination of his meticulous research and hundreds of interviews (including with world leaders). This book tells how Israel turned its scarcity of water into an opportunity to avoid its inevitable water crisis and become an innovative pioneer in the global quest for a new water paradigm. It is the inspiring true story that can help make a difference in our economy—and the world.

About Seth M. Siegel

Author Seth M. Siegel is a businessman, activist, and writer. His essays have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times and other publications around the world on business, political and cultural issues. Siegel has often appeared on television and has been widely quoted in major print media. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. While writing the book, interviewing and visiting Israel’s water developments, Siegel has developed deep appreciation for JNF’s huge impact on Israel’s water economy. Siegel writes and tweets about water issues on Twitter @sethmsiegel. Visit his water website at

To learn more about the connection between JNF and water, call 1-888-JNF-WATER.



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Water Challenges

In Israel the most precious commodity is water and it is at risk. Find out how you can help.


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