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Wisconsin Community Breakfast

June 1, 2016 7:30 am - 9:00 am

Wisconsin Club (formerly Brynwood Country Club)
6200 W. Good Hope Road • Milwaukee, WI
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“JNF - Bringing History to Life”

Featured Speaker: Yoel Rosby, JNF Ammunition Hill Liaison

RSVP by May 20 online or to 414.963.8733.

Yoel Rosby is the JNF Liaison to Ammunition Hill, a restored site that portrays the siege of Jerusalem in the ‘67 War and also serves as an educational center of the battles waged there. JNF is committed to the preservation of historical sites throughout Israel ensuring that the stories behind each historical site are properly documented and can be retold for generations to come. The Heritage Site initiative enables JNF to share the past, the important events, the places, the struggles and the fight for Israel’s independence with Israelis and tourists alike.

Co-Chairs: Enid Bootzin Berkovits • Rusti Moffic

Complimentary event • Dietary laws observed


Contact the Wisconsin Region:

Serving: The Wisconsin Area

60 Revere Drive, Suite 725, Northbrook, IL 60062
[p] (414) 963-8733
[p2] (847) 656-8880
[f] (847) 656-8885

Kim Levy, Associate Executive Director, Midwest


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