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Congregation Relations

Let Jewish National Fund be your partner in bringing Israel into your congregation. Working with all streams of Judaism, JNF helps connect synagogue members, young and old, to the land and people of Israel. Our free programs and materials are the perfect supplement to adult education, Hebrew school and pre-school activities. Here are some ways JNF can enrich your schedule this coming year:

Free Programs for Congregations

Tu BiShvat Across America

Participate in Tu BiShvat Across America. Order your free kit that includes tree planting forms, Blue Boxes, posters and other materials to enhance your celebration. JNF also provides TREEsource, an interactive site providing free Tu BiShvat programming for all ages, sermons from rabbis around the country and a Tu BiShvat Haggadah. Hold a Tu BiShvat seder – JNF provides free speakers for services, seders, and other programs.

GoNeutral: An Environmental Movement for Tomorrow

Bring the Jewish connection to the environment to your members through JNF GoNeutral, with educational clubs and materials geared to students of all ages. Hold a GoNeutral bootcamp to introduce your congregants to the Jewish vision of helping the planet.

JNF GoNeutral Shabbat

Host an eco-friendly Shabbat program at your synagogue! Usually in early spring, but you can do it any date that works for your synagogue. Check out our comprehensive online guide for program ideas, text studies and ideas for an environmentally friendly Shabbat. We can also provide you with a dynamic free speaker to address your congregation. For more information or to register visit

JNF GoNeutral Affiliate Program

Help the environment, connect your synagogue to Israel, and earn money. Once you sign-up your congregation receives a unique banner-link for your website, which goes to the JNF Carbon Calculator. A member/congregant then clicks this link, offsets their environmental footprint by donating funds to either planting trees or supporting cutting edge alternative energy research, and then your synagogue earns 20% of all donations to use for local programming and projects on the environment and/or Israel. For more information or to register visit

Greening Your Synagogue

Harriet Shugarman, Climate Change Educator and Assistant District Manager from Al Gore's The Climate Project* provided expert advice on greening your synagogue during a national conference call on May 13, 2009. Harriet plays a critical role in greening her own synagogue - Temple Beth Rishon in Wyckoff, NJ. Her synagogue will be one of the first to become a certified Greenfaith Sanctuary under the new Greenfaith Certification program. To get ideas and learn more about what your synagogue can do, LISTEN HERE!.

*The Climate Project (TCP) is an international non-profit founded by Nobel Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore with a mission to increase public awareness of the climate crisis at a grassroots level worldwide.

JNF Speakers Bureau

Choose a JNF Speaker to bring the Israel experience to your next gathering or event. Select from three groups of well-known Israeli professionals and Israel scholars; JNF executive professionals and volunteers.

Free Education and B'nai Mitzvah Materials

Receive free educational materials like "Growing UP" and "A New Leaf" newsletters with Israel-oriented content design with young students in mind. Or order our free B’nai Mitzvah kit with ways to bring your love of Israel to this memorable day. From tzedakah projects to JNF tree and water certificate invitations, JNF can make your member’s simchas more meaningful.

Show your Support for Israel

Congregation Affiliate Program

Raise money for your congregation when your members plant trees through JNF. The JNF Affiliate Program is a fast and easy way to add e-commerce to your web site. Each sale generated through the JNF trackable banner link on your site will generate a 20% commission for your congregation. 

Essence of Life Campaign

Improve the quality of life for the 3,000 air force personnel and their families at Ramon Air Force Base through the Essence of Life campaign. Join member congregations from all Jewish movements who have helped JNF build a 7.5 acre park with playgrounds and an amphitheatre. Help us keep this base in the middle of the Negev desert green through ecologically sustainable wetlands technology. 

Travel to Israel

Send adults ages 18 to 30 to Israel on Alternative Spring Break, where they’ll spend their time doing meaningful community work. Help young students raise money for a trip to Israel through our Plant Your Way. program. Or plan a trip to Israel for your congregation. No one can show you Israel like JNF.  

To learn more, contact us at, or call 212-879-9305 x 263.


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