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Tampa Bay Previous Tree of Life Honoree Breakfast

Jewish National Fund's Tampa Bay board is holding a breakfast for previous Tree of Life™ Award Honorees in September. The event will help select the 2012 Tree of Life™ Award Honorees. It will also help choose the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

The Tree of Life™ Award is Jewish National Fund's highest honor. This honor helps recognize outstanding community involvement, professional leadership and humanitarian service. It is presented to someone who is dedicated to the cause of American-Israeli friendship, and devotion to the peace, security of human life, and the environment of the State of Israel. 

The following is a list of the previous Tampa Bay Tree of Life™ Award recipients:


2011 Harvey Hertz
2011* Monsignor Laurence Higgins
2011 Cindy Spahn
2010 Maril & Kay  Jacobs
2010 Dr. Stephen & Laura Kreitzer
2010 Joe & Barbara Sterensis
2010* Sidney A.  Goodman
2009 Dr. Robert & Janet Ettleman
2009 Dr. Robert  Norman
2009 Dr. Marty & Barbara Port
2009* Herb  Swarzman
2008 Dr. Sharon & Jack Ross Ross
2008 Liz & Greg  Sembler
2008 Maxine & Martin  Solomon
2008* Pastors Scott & Cindy Thomas
2007 Doug McMahon
2007 Jim & Ann  Soble
2007 Jeff  Wuliger
2007* Dr. Norm Gross
2006 Ronald Oxman
2006 Brian & Debbie  Taub
2006 Dr. Doug  Weiland
2005 Hope & Les  Barnett
2005 Honorable Charlie  Crist
2004 Fred & Karol  Bullard
2004 Debbi & Mike
2004 Christel & Mark  Yaffe
2003 Selma  Kron
2003 John Loftus
2003 Richard & Franci  Rudolph
2003 Ronald & Ann  Rudolph
2003 Dr. Michael & Sandy  Slomka
2002 Stan & Susan  Levy
2002 Marion  Samson-Joseph
2002 David & Elaine  Wolstein
2001 Doug & Maureen  Cohn
2001 Craig & Jan  Sher
2000 Raymond & Nancy  Murray
1999 Paul Dresselhaus
1999 Steve & Sonia Raymund
1998 Edith  Loebenberg
1997 Betty  Sembler 
1997 Sharyn  Wittner Jacobson
1996 Alex Sink
1995 Honorable Dick Greco
1994 Dr. Jack  Critchfield
1993 Bill   McBride
1993 Vincent J.  Naimoli
1992 Dr. Peter  Armacost
1992 Ted & Jean  Wittner
1990 Dr. Bruce & Amy  Epstein
1990 Helen  Gordon Davis
1989 Marc  Perkins
1988 Tom  McEwen
1988 Stewart  Turley
1987 Michael  Bilirakis
1987 Mel  Gross
1987 Leonard  Kleinman
1987 Walter  Loebenberg
1986 Joseph  Zappala
1985 Sandra  Freedman
1984 Sam  Gibbons
1983 Paula  Hawkins
1982 Bob  Graham
1982 Bob  Martinez


*Denotes Lifetime Acheivement Award Honorees


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