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KKL’s Tali Tzour Addresses Jewish National Fund Women for Israel Supporters in Orlando

KKL World Chairman Special Liaison to JNF Tali Tzour addressed Jewish National Fund (JNF) Women for Israel supporters at an event at Sky Lake Studios in Winter Park on February 7.

Tzour came to JNF in 2005 as the Israeli Emissary to New York and New Jersey after 15 years with Jewish National Fund-Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael (JNF-KKL) offices in Israel. She has travelled across the country representing JNF and its projects in Israel and has managed to develop and strengthen its circle of supporters. Tzour also developed and built JNF's branch in Northern New Jersey.

Three of the projects that Tzour spoke about -- Ammunition Hill, Kibbutz Yahel, and the Atlit Detention Center -- are supported by Orlando residents Jack Freeman, Sy Israel, and Bruce Gould, JNF National Vice President, Regions.

“Kibbutz Yahel was founded in the Negev Desert in 1977 by Ron Bernstein, shaliach for Jewish National Fund in Houston,” said Orlando resident and JNF supporter Jack Freeman. “I had the opportunity to be involved in this project and wanted to help make Ron’s dream a reality.”

JNF’s Women for Israel campaign is a dynamic group of female philanthropists who have a shared desire to build a prosperous future for the land and people of Israel.

 “This was a very powerful event,” said Deborah Meitin, Regional Chair, JNF Women for Israel. “We had a strong showing of local supporters and even supporters from Tampa who came to hear Tali Tzour speak about the amazing things that JNF has done in Israel. JNF is truly your voice in Israel.”

Louise Dabrow, Assistant Vice President, Women for Israel Campaign, had the honor of presenting Dr. Shari Yudenfreund-Sujka with a JNF Sapphire Society pin in honor of her 5 year contribution to JNF’s Women for Israel Campaign.


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