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Moms for Israel Event in Weston

A “Moms for Israel” parlor meeting was held at the home of Vivian Grossman in Weston. The women in attendance heard from special guest-speaker Lauren Mescon, Co-President of the JNF Southeast Region and member of Makor, JNF’s National Leadership group.

Moms for Israel Campaign is a grassroots campaign that has brought together thousands of women across the country and the world.  For the past two years they helped the families of Sderot by raising money to purchase new equipment and to support sports, arts, dance and educational programs at the new Sderot Indoor Recreation Center, and also sent 500 children to summer camp for one week. 

This year the campaign is focused on raising funds for Caravan for Democracy High School Edition. This program brings speakers to schools to promote Israel advocacy and educates high school juniors and seniors throughout the U.S. as they prepare to transition to their future college campuses.   At the event, Vivian Grossman was pinned as a new member of the Sapphire Society, a recognition society for women who give $5,000 or more to the annual JNF Campaign. 


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