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Carlton Fields Lawyers For Israel Society Breakfast

Jewish National Fund’s (JNF) Blueprint Negev campaign was “front and center stage” at the recent Lawyers For Israel Society breakfast hosted by JNF  and the West Palm Beach Law Firm of Carlton Fields P.A. Featured speaker, JNF Palm Beach Board President Arthur Silber, spoke about the amazing work of JNF in the Negev; the more than $30 million that has already been invested in revitalizing the city of Be’er Sheva and the 1,700 acre central park to be built which will include a waterfront district, restaurants,  and a shopping area; the 500 families that are expected to be living in Givot Bar by 2011; Aleh Negev, the state of the art care village for individuals with mental and physical disabilites located in the city of Ofakim; and the $3.5 million eco-tourism park to be developed with Kibbutz Yahel.  JNF’s other vital work in Israel that helps to secure a safe, prosperous, Jewish Homeland now and for generations to come was also included in the presentation.

Members of the JNF Lawyers For Israel Society can designate their $1,000 minimum gift  to any JNF action area in Israel. Becoming a member of this prestigious society allows one to network with colleagues who share similar core values about Israel and be a part of building our Jewish Homeland.

The breakfast was extremely successful, and plans are already in the works for the next Lawyers For Israel Society breakfast in the very near future. 

Stay tuned!


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