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Dinner Parlor Meeting at the home of Sydelle & Michael Lazar


Over 70 people attended the wonderful (and delicious!) dinner meeting for the Jewish National Fund  hosted by Sydelle & Michael Lazar (JNF South Palm Beach Board President) at their beautiful Boca Grove Plantation home in  Boca Raton.   Guests heard from Israeli War hero, Aleh- Negev founder, and distinguished  guest speaker for the evening, General Doron Almog. The focus of the evening was to spotlight the March 16, 2010 Tree of Life Award Dinner at which all proceeds will benefit Aleh-Negev. 


General Doron Almog spoke about Aleh Negev ; the state of the art rehabilitative village in Israel's Negev Desert he founded which is designed for people with cognitive and physical disabilities. In 2006, the Israeli government recognized General Almog’ s efforts on behalf of Israel’s special population,  by giving him the honor of lighting a torch at the Central Independence Day celebration in Jerusalem.  Aleh made the decision to name the rehabilitative village in memory of General Almog’s son, Eran, who was among the first residents of the village.   


During the evening it was announced  that two very well deserving people will be receiving special awards during the March 16 2010 Tree of Life Dinner; Barbara Mautner will be receiving the Aleh Award  for her very generous gift supporting Aleh’s Personal Care Program and  Michael Lazar  will be presented with the Guardian of Israel Award for his unwavering support of Israel.


It was also announced that Paul Reiser, actor and comedian, will be the Master of Ceremonies. In addition to co-creating and starring in the critically acclaimed NBC series, “Mad About You”, Mr. Reiser’s successes also include his book Couplehood, which sold over two million copies and reached the number one spot on The New York Times bestseller list and Babyhood,  which also made the New York Times bestseller list .


The evening was a smashing success and by all accounts the Tree of Life Award Dinner promises to be as well!.


For information about the March 16, 2010 Tree of Life Award Dinner at the Design Center of the America’s call the JNF office at: 561-447-9733 or email Campaign Executive Debbie Regent at



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