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Palm Beach Women Anticipate Monthly Rosh Chodesh Meetings

The women of north and south Palm Beach gathered together at Rosh Chodesh meetings from December 2009 through May 2010 to learn, share experiences, and to accept the very special responsibility and privilege as Jewish women to support the State of Israel-the land and its  people.

Each Rosh Chodesh meeting was focused on a special topic, embraced a spiritual component, as well as provided information and updates on JNF’s crucial work in Israel.

Topics included, but were not limited to:

Chanukah/the festival of lights and understanding the light that Jewish National Fund brings to Israel every day through its vital work in our beloved Homeland.

Tu B’Shevat/ marking the beginning of a new year for trees and knowing so many  of the trees in Israel have been planted by JNF.
Passover/ the holiday when the Jewish people were freed from slavery in Egypt. For 40 years, led by Moses, the Jewish people wandered in the desert before entering the land of Israel and connecting that with JNF’s Blueprint Negev campaign which is focused on developing the Negev for the next generation of Israel’s resident’s.
The first few meetings took place at the home of Cantor Elaine Shapiro. After several meetings, other women volunteered to host the group in their beautiful homes as well. SO the women of S. Florida were treated to the amazing “hosting talents” of not only Cantor Shapiro, but also Judi Bukaitz, Melanie Fishman, and Carole Cornell.

At each meeting, women were provided with the opportunity to join in JNF’s vital work in Israel by joining the Women’s Campaign For Israel.

By unanimous consent, the meetings will begin again in December when most, if not all, have returned to their Southern homes from the North.





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