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Parlor Meeting in Weston

Recently Dr. Judi Edelman and Drs. Irene & Joel Spalter co-hosted a parlor meeting in the lovely Weston home of Dr. Edelman. Guest speaker was JNF Israeli Emissary Ronnie Porat. 

As Ronnie spoke to the over 40 guests present, he intertwined his background as a strategic analyst in the Intelligence branch, in the Southern Command Military Headquarters (Int. Department) in Be'er Sheva--as well as his diplomatic experience--into the presentation which focused on JNF’s vital work in Israel, specifically the Be’er Sheva Riverwalk, which is leading the Negev toward a greener future; The Sderot Indoor Recreation Center, a $5 million, 21,000 square-foot state-of-the-art indoor recreation center built to provide Sderot’s youth a safe place to be children beyond the conflict raging around them; and Aleh Negev, the state-of-the-art care facility in the Negev that provides groundbreaking innovative care for Israel’s children with disabilities.  Most of the guests were hearing about these crucial projects for the first time and wanted to learn more.

Ronnie encouraged all in attendance to join with JNF as a “…caretaker of the land of Israel….”  From all reports, it was a very successful and very enjoyable night.

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