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The First Palm Beach Board Meeting of 2010

JNF Palm Beach Board President Irving Wiseman (Century Club, President’s Council) welcomed new and returning Board members, thanking them for their support of Israel through JNF.  The calendar is packed with events, parlor meetings and speaking engagements all focused on helping Palm Beach reach its campaign goals.

Ronnie Porat, JNF Israeli Emmissary provided Board members an up to date report on JNF’s amazing projects in Israel focusing on Aleh Negev, the village in the Negev designed for people with cognitive and physical disabilities.  Proceeds from the regions March 16, 2010 Tree of Life Award™ Dinner will support the vital work of Aleh Negev.  Board members are spreading the word to their friends, neighbors and business associates about JNF’s crucial work in Israel and inviting them to join JNF as a “…caretaker of the land of Israel…”


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