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Dix Hills Jewish Center comes out to support three POW's from Gush Etzion

On Tuesday June 21, in the Dix Hills Jewish Center, three Long Island residents came together for the first time ever to share their stories about their time in Jordanian POW camps in 1948. Over 60 people sat in astonishment as these three heroes recounted their inspiring tales of how they were taken from their homes in Gush Etzion over 60 years ago.

“They had vision,” said the Mayor of Gush Etzion, Shaul Goldstein, who was also in attendance. “These were the pioneers that paved the way for our communities to flourish today.”  

Prior to the declaration of the State of Israel in 1948, a fierce battle was fought in Gush Etzion with heavy casualties on both sides. After surrendering to the Arab Legion, 365 men and women were taken as POWs.

JNF presented the three survivors with a collage made up of pictures taken from when they were captive.

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