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JNF and Birthright NEXT

JNF co-hosted a Birthright NEXT Wall Street Lecture at the Morgan Stanley/Smith Barney building in Midtown. Birthright NEXT regularly hosts these Wall Street Lectures to "offer Birthright alumni access to some of the financial world's most successful individuals for an intimate evening of discussion and interaction. Speakers are asked to talk with the guests not only about their business successes, but about the time and energy they spend on Jewish causes and Jewish life. The goal is to expose aspiring young alumni to models of Jewish involvement in the personalities they most admire and hope to emulate."

Past featured speakers have included: Michael Steinhardt, Ronald Lauder, Dan Loeb, Dan Och, Abby Joseph Cohen, Ari Samberg, Larry Silverstein, David Faber, Marc Rowan, Larry Zicklin, and Morris Offit.

Now we can include GNY Regional Board Member, Andrew Wilshinsky, amongst this illustrious list! From his office's board room, he inspired young Birthright alums who are interested in working their way up on Wall Street, while speaking passionately about JNF's mission and its projects. Those in attendance left with a greater sense of purpose, some insider tips, as well as a stronger desire to connect to Jewish causes. Andrew did an excellent job drumming up support for JNF through stressing the fact that one can track his dollar by seeing with his own eyes the tangible result of a gift. After the event, many people asked for more information on ASB, JNFuture, and the Professional Circles.

The Birthright NEXT staff kvelled after the event that Andrew was such a fine and passionate speaker. They expressed an interest in doing a lecture series with us on "Green Initiative"...this is a budding strategic partnership.




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