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JNF Marketing & Communications Circle Hosts Kick-off Event

This very special event featured guest speakers Pun Bandhu, Owner of Focus Relay; Ross Glick, CEO of Indelible; and Steven Shalowitz, the Global Accounts Director at Young & Rubicam. Moderated by Professional Circle Co-Chair Dara Golush, guests learned from industry leaders new ways to market and communicate their messages. Presentations included insights into social networking (making the most out of Facebook and Twitter), innovative on-line video campaigns and what's coming out of Young & Rubicam's Tel Aviv office. Linda Wenger, JNF's Executive Director of Marketing & Communications, shared JNF's expertise as a leader in non-profit marketing and communications.

JNF's Marketing & Communications Circle is a division of JNF's Professional Circle, a network that provides individuals in diverse fields the access and opportunities to connect with New York City's professional community committed to JNF and Israel. For more information on how to get involved, contact Gabrielle Carlin at or 212-879-9305 ext. 506.




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