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JNFuture Tu BiShvat Wine & Dessert Reception Welcomes Aravah Institute Graduates

JNF welcomed Roee Elisha and Ghadeer Khoury--two graduates of the Arava Institute--to New York with a packed crowd of diverse attendees. The Arava Institute, a partner of JNF, is a premier Environmental Institute in the Negev that focuses on creating peace between Arabs and Jews through education. The Arava Institute believes that after its students work together to solve the region’s environmental issues, they will be one step closer to creating peace between Arabs and Israelis. Elisha and Khoury--one Israeli, the other Palestinian--spoke passionately about their preconceived notions of the other, and how their opinions changed because of the Arava Institute. They also spoke about the innovations that the teachers and students at the Arava Institute are working on, such as a completely carbon-neutral car. Elisha is currently working on easing the water crisis in Israel, continuing his dedication to environmental issues in the region. The attendees stayed for nearly an hour after the event, enjoying the refreshments and asking the graduates lots of questions.


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