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MK Amir Peretz Visits JNF House

Knesset Member Amir Peretz gave an exclusive major donor briefing in the JNF House on February 13th. He spoke about his time in the Israel Defense Forces, his serious injury during his service, and his struggle to be a farmer in spite of his time in a wheelchair. He stressed current events that have the ability to bring Israelis from all political persuasions together, which include the Goldstone Report and the threat of a nuclear Iran. He provided specific examples to highlight the morality of the IDF troops and explained why an Iran with nuclear capabilities would be deleterious for Israel as well as Jews worldwide. He also shared that his daughter is working to fight anti-Semetism in England by performing as Anne Frank in a production that is directed by a Muslim and includes a talk by a Holocaust survivor.

MK Peretz also spoke on Friday evening at a Shabbat service at Temple Shaaray Tefila in Manhattan about his support of the importance of Jewish religious pluralism and once again defended the actions of the IDF. His optimism, perseverance, and good humor were apparent throughout, both at the round-table presentation and at his speech at Shaaray Tefila.


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