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Westchester Women Join JNF to Support Israel

With the public eye turning toward the pending approval of the Palestinian Unilateral Declaration of Independence by the United Nations General Assembly and its impact to prospects for Middle East peace, 40 women from Westchester decided to stand with Israel. Nancy Zaro, a well known Harrison resident and Assistant Executive Director of the Westchester Jewish Council, graciously opened her home to Jewish National Fund (JNF) and women supporters of Israel.

Zaro decided to host the event because she believes that "JNF is the heart and soul of Israel and that JNF's ability to create water in an arid society is a bridge for peace". Hila Elroy, Advisor to the Consul General of Israel in New York, was on hand to explain the intricacies of the upcoming vote and to give an update to JNF supporters. "This whole process started with Oslo", says Elroy. "They now have two options: either to submit to the General Assembly, who can't give them a binding resolution, or to try their luck with the Security Counsel."

One of the attendees, Ruth Raisfeld, an area attorney who has long been involved in the Westchester Jewish Community and Israel advocacy, applauded the women who came out and raised their hands when called upon to help. "We love the land and people of Israel, and we want them to know that there are many women in Westchester who care deeply."

Larry Frankel, President of the JNF Westchester Board, was in attendance as well. "This has been one of our most successful events yet. It has given us the opportunity to educate Westchester women about the role that JNF and its Women's Campaign plays in Israel. We are involved with Israel's past and continue to support it today, but most importantly we are invested in its future."
Those who wish to learn more about Jewish National Fund or its Women's Campaign should feel free to contact Elisa Frankel at or call 212 879.9305.


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