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Women's Campaign Gallery Brunch Oct 29

JNF's Women's Campaign for Israel kicked off its fall season with a festive brunch and private viewing at the Andrea Meislin Gallery. The women in attendance had the opportunity to hear directly from Amy Simon about her exhibit: a different STATE of Mind, featuring photographs, drawings, and wallpapers. Andrea Meislin, who opened the Chelsea gallery in March 2004 exhibiting contemporary Israeli photography, gave a very special in-depth presentation on a range of Israeli photographers and artists.

SAVE THE DATE: Join us for a luncheon on December 15th, featuring relationship specialist Dr. EDale Atkins, PhD., psychologist, and best-selling author of "Sanity Savers: Tips for women to Live a Balanced Life."

For more information please call Elisa Schindler at (212) 879-9305, ext 297 or email



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