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Sapphire Society Luncheon

Smiles of appreciation greeted Sapphire Society members at a JNF Thank-you Luncheon held at Sassi’s Restaurant on Monday, November 9, 2009. After enjoying delicious Israeli appetizers and lunch, the group heard from Consul Shahar Azani, The new Israeli Consul for Culture, Media and Public Affairs. He shared experiences and insights into Israel-Africa relations that he gained from his last Embassy post in Nairobi, Kenya. Alyse Golden Berkley, Sapphire Chair, reported on special JNF projects such as the Sderot Indoor Recreation Center. There, children can be safe and enjoy activities, even while rockets from the Gaza are falling.  All the Sapphire Society members were inspired to continue their important work.

Written by Sapphire Society member Selma Alpert

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