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Baltimore Board Members

Frank Spector, President

Naomi Amsterdam

Lawrence Amsterdam

Leonard Attman

Shoshana S. Cardin

Robert Chertkof

James Chisum

Louis Cohen

Sonia Diamond

Jonathan Fishman

Elliott Gorbaty

Amy Gur

David Jaffe

Brenda Jaffe

Lynn Kapiloff

Bruce Kauffman

Jayne Klein

Andrew Klein

Susan Levene

Michelle Malis

Jeffrey Miller

Alan Reisberg

Jack Rose

Ellen Rosenberg

Todd Samuels

Louis Sapperstein

Erika Schon

Nanci Seff

Katherine Shelter

Bruce Taylor

Irving Taylor

Ellen Taylor

Suzie Tiplitz

Edward Wolf

Mark Wolkow

Delaware Board Members

Joel Friedlander, President

Jerry Grossman

Ellisa Opstbaum Habbart

Dr. Barry Kayne

Martin Lessner

David Margules

Robert Pincus

Russell Silberglied



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