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Midatlantic Zone

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Baltimore / Delaware

Washington DC / Northern Virginia

While it is well known that the DC-Baltimore area is filled with people committed to making a difference by working for the U.S. government, did you know that the area is filled with extremely committed Zionists looking to make a difference for the land and people of Israel?

Did you know that these people turn to JNF to forge a direct link, both physically and spiritually?

Here are a few of the ways this zone works to make that happen:

  • Concentrates on building relationships with its lay leaders, many of whom take on national portfolios. Everyone is given a job to do so everyone feels fulfilled and connected.
  • Zeroes in on filling the need. We understood that women needed their own voice and created The Sapphire Society, JNF’s major donor division for women.
  • Contributes funding for major projects that affect the quality of life for the residents of Israel such as the Be’er Sheva River Park which is revitalizing the capitol of the Negev with the construction of a 1,700 acre riverfront park, an extensive environmental and economic development project. Additionally, we’ve funded projects in new Negev communities that are helping make the desert a home, and funded both full size and compact fire trucks to help Israel’s foresters combat forest fires.
  • Spearheaded the Inclusive Parks project which is making all of JNF parks in Israel accessible for people with disabilities so that they offer the same experience to visitors of all ability levels.
  • Funded the very first reservoir that JNF built in 1998 (to date there are 200). We know how to act immediately and energetically to the needs that arise.

The Mid-Atlantic zone operates out of DC and Delaware. Click here to find out more about how you can make a difference in Israel by getting involved with JNF where you live.


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