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2014-2015 JNF Chicago Executive Committee

Marcia Rubin, President
Scott Gendell, Chairman of the Board
Deb Zaluda, 1st VIP   
Rob Mintz, Campaign Chair
Dan Cohan, Community Campaign Chair   
Chuck Kafenshtok, Major Gifts Chair
Peleg Halpern, Affinity Chair
Lori Rubin Dekalo, Women For Israel
Harold Kaplan, Corporate Sponsor Chair
David Eisenberg, JNFuture Chair   
Rob Rubin, National Initiatives
Susan Sacks, National Conference Chair   

Past Presidents           
Ted Banks                       
Rob Mintz                   
Bob Wigoda                   
Scott Schreiber

Lifetime Directors
Esther Hirsch
Miriam Goldberger
Joseph L. Matz
Seymour H. Persky


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