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Boston Resident Michael Blank to Chair JNF’s Mission

August 30, 2013 – Boston, MA – Jewish National Fund (JNF) Boston President Michael Blank, will chair the annual President’s Society Mission, an exclusive four-day trip to Israel for donors who give $10,000 or more annually.

“The President’s Society Mission is very special to me,” shared Blank, a member of JNF’s major donors societies including Century Council, Negev Society, President’s Society and Makor speaker’s bureau. “Our missions are experiences unlike any other. In addition to visiting many of the cultural, religious and historical highlights of Israel, we transcend the boundaries of a standard trip and provide participants with a deeper connection to the land and its people. No matter how many times I’ve been to Israel, every time I go with JNF I see and learn new things.”

Additionally, through exclusive meetings with high-profile political figures, government officials, top journalists and others at the forefront of Israeli society, mission participants gain inside access to Israel’s top policy makers, opinion shapers and news makers. With access to many sites and places that most tourists are not allowed to visit, and are guaranteed a unique experience and gain a new perspective on Israel.

“Missions provide a tangible link to JNF’s work and accomplishments in Israel,” said Blank. “Although people can learn about JNF’s vision from home, there is nothing like seeing it for yourself, first hand.  Additionally, participants have the opportunity to meet the Israelis whose lives are touched by JNF’s work.”

This year’s President’s Society Mission will take place from October 6-10, 2013 with an optional pre-Mission to St. Petersburg, Russia from October 1 - 6. Led by scholar-in-residence, Marina Furman, a former Refusenick and leader of the Soviet Jewry Movement, participants will tour Jewish landmarks and memorials in Russia as well as major cultural and historical sites.

In Israel, mission participants will tour important projects in the Negev Desert that are part of JNF’s Blueprint Negev initiative to revitalize Israel's southern region. They will travel to Be’er Sheva, the capital of the Negev,and visit Be’er Sheva’s River Park, the centerpiece of JNF’s effort to invigorate the Negev and bring 250,000 new residents to the city.

“The tireless efforts of mission Chairman Michael Blank, from his creativity in the itinerary development to recruitment efforts and leadership, have created an extremely positive and cohesive group of major JNF supporters,” said Glen Schwartz, Florida Executive Director, who serves as the mission professional. “Michael and his wife Pat are an amazing couple to work with, and JNF is fortunate to have such special leaders.”

All of JNF’s missions surpass the boundaries of a standard trip, and feature one-of-a-kind itineraries, luxury accommodations, private meetings with top policy makers and high-profile political figures, entrée to many special places and ceremonies, exclusive to JNF, and so much more. With a slate of exclusive and inspiring missions to choose from, no matter your interest, now is the time to plan to go home to Israel.  Everywhere in Israel, JNF's work is immediately visible and tangible. Come explore the Israel in you.

For more information about JNF’s missions and tours, visit or call 617-872-8922 to reach Sara Hefez Director, New England.


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