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Cape Cod Sapphire Society Luncheon

Davida Stocklan held an elegant end of summer gathering at her summer home in North Falmouth for Jewish National Fund’s (JNF) Sapphire Society, the women's major donor division of JNF. Featured Speaker Lauren Mescon, Chair of JNF’s Central Arava Task Force 2020, shared the vision to double the population of Israel’s Central Arava region over the next decade.

(L-R) JNF Sapphire Society members Lauren Mescon, Stocklan and Sapphire Society President and New England Executive Board member Amy Parsons.

(L-R) Sapphire Society members; Hostess Davida Stocklan, Sapphire Society President, New England Executive Board member and Vice President of JNF’s Parsons Water Fund Amy Parsons, Roberta Greenberg, Lifetime Sapphire and Executive Board member Lee Aronson, Heni Koenigsberg and Sapphire Society President Emeritus and Executive Board member Karen Ferber.


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