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Capital District Holds Inaugural Board Meeting

President Ken Segel proudly held Jewish National Fund's first board meeting at the offices of Schuyler Companies. JNF's Board of Directors helps raise funds, recognition, and awareness for the organizations crucial work in Israel.

"Jewish National Fund is known for their forestry work and of course so much more. A tree here, a plot of land there, until after a few generations, there are 240 million trees, 250 million acres of arable land and 204 reservoirs.  And now it's on to the Negev, the last great frontier, Israel's dustbowl," shared Ken Segel.

In the Negev, JNF has already built and opened half of the 15 kilometer promenade in Be'er sheva; completed the recycling water system for park irrigation; built the Sderot Indoor Secure Playground; established 6 new communities in the Negev; completed a $10 million water recycling center in Yerucham; built a central park in Ofakim; funded the Therapeutic Riding Consortium at Kibbutz Grofit and built the 7.5 acre Ramon Park at Ramon Air Force Base.

Sharon Freedman, New England Zone Director shared, "We are honored to have the Capital District as part of our Zone. We are so humbled by the incredible individuals who are so active in organizations both locally and in Israel. Ken¹s involvement has been a real blessing to us and we are thrilled to be developing such a wonderful local board. I also send special thanks to Hadassah, who we are proud to call our partners."

Ken went on to share, "Agreeing to serve on the board is a major mitzvah. Please join us and lend JNF your skills, which you have developed in business and in life.  I can assure you that by lending your name to JNF it will help improve the physical and political landscape and will touch people¹s lives a half a world away. We have a lot to be proud of but theres still a lot to do. Give us a call, your hard work can truly make a difference to the land and people of Israel."

To learn more please call Sara at 800-JNF-0099.


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