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JNF Halutza Liaison Yedidya Harush visits Boston

Yedidya Harush, JNF’s liaison for the community of Halutza, visited Boston to meet and thank generous JNF donors. As a true pioneer of his generation, Yedidya is a visionary. Born and raised in the community of Atzmona in Gush Katif. Yedidya’s family relocated to Halutza after Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005. He was recruited to play basketball in the United States for the last two years of high school. After graduation, he was offered college scholarships, which he did not accept. Instead, he returned to Israel and joined an elite Paratrooper Brigade.

Located in the northwest Negev on Israel’s borders with Egypt and Gaza, Halutza was founded in 2005 by a small group of families evacuated from the Gush Katif communities of Atzmona and Netzarim during Israel’s disengagement from Gaza. This remote corner of the desert, which had never been inhabited or farmed, is now a rapidly expanding agricultural region, which is attracting new residents from throughout Israel.

Yedidya visited Boston and appeared on the “Radio Entrepreneurs”  live broadcast to discuss Blueprint Negev, hosted by JNF New England Chairman of the Board Jeffrey Davis. (L-R) Davis and Harush.

Listen to the interview here.

JNF Board members Bill Rosenthal and Roger Klien met with Yedidya, where they learned firsthand about the important work JNF is doing to sustainably develop the Negev Desert and increase its population with expansions of the new communities of the Halutza region. (L to R) Rosenthal, Harush and Klein. 

JNF Boston President Michael Blank hosted a luncheon with Yedidya during his Boston visit. (L-R) Blank, Harush and Aaron Blank.

(L-R) JNF New England Board member Steve Aronson, JNF Boston President Michael Blank, Lance Kawesch, JNF Halutza liaison Yedidya Harush, Aaron Blank and Ed Mumson at a luncheon hosted by Blank.

Sapphire Society member Roberta Greenberg and her husband Bill, a proud Lawyers for Israel member, hosted Yedidya in their home for an informative luncheon and plan to visit Yedidya while in Israel next fall. (L-R) Roberta, Yedidya and Bill.

While in Boston, Yedidya was truly excited to meet with Karen Ferber (JNF New England Executive Board member and Sapphire Society President Emeritus). Karen has allocated significant funds to Halutza, and Yedidya thanked her for her vision and support.

(L-R) President and CEO of, Joshua Troderman, with Yedidya. Both are Zionistic pioneers who have a shared passion and commitment to the land and people of Israel.


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