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Michael Lederman Named National JNF Treasurer

Jewish National Fund CEO, Russell Robinson, proudly announces the appointment of Rhode Island’s Michael Lederman to the position of JNF National Treasurer.  Lederman and his family have been dedicated and committed donors for many years, and are valued Century Club members. Additionally, Lederman serves as Rhode Island’s regional president.

Lederman recently helped lead JNF’s Israel Relations, Budget & Finance Committee VIP mission to Israel. The participants observed the progress of JNF projects from a development and budgetary point of view. Highlights included meetings with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Mayors, Regional Council heads and Project Managers who shared updates on existing projects as well as meetings with organizations and Israeli partners for future project consideration.  The focus was on water and infrastructure in the Negev.

Reflecting on the trip, Lederman said, “As the new national treasurer, I was so honored to witness the critical projects that we are funding. Our work in the Negev is really bringing life to the desert and helping our brothers and sisters in Israel.”


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