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Paula Friedland Addresses Sapphire Society

Paula Friedland, Director of Development for Lotem Integrated Nature Studies, a Jewish National Fund partner, addressed JNF’s Sapphire Society. Paula spoke about the advancements being made to upgrade Israel’s national parks to be more accessible to people with special needs. Sapphire Society President Amy Parson pinned the group’s newest members, Deborah Pechet Quinan of Topsfield, MA and Anne Sternlicht of Chestnut Hill, MA. The Sapphire Society, JNF women’s major gift division, is an exclusive group of leaders helping to strengthen Israel – one community, one project, one family at a time. 

(L-R) – Hostess Rachel Chafetz, Anne Sternlicht and JNF Sapphire Society President and New England Board member Amy Parsons.

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