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JNF Capital District President Proudly Returns From Israel

Ken Segel, JNF Capital District President, recently returned from JNF’s Negev Society Mission to Israel, an exclusive trip for major donors who are members of JNF’s Negev Society. Led by Chief Executive Officer Russell F. Robinson, the mission toured many JNF project sites in southern Israel’s Arava desert. 

“It is always a proud moment for me to show off JNF’s amazing work to our donors,” said Russell F. Robinson. “They are a dedicated group of people who are committed to making JNF's vision for Israel a reality.”

The highlight of the trip was a visit to one of the world’s premier exhibitions of agricultural technologies, “The Arava Open Day,” with U.S. Ambassador to Israel Mr. Dan Shapiro. At the JNF-sponsored exhibition, hundreds of Israeli developments were presented in various fields, such as greenhouses, irrigation, water management, and development of new plant varieties. Part of the exhibition’s events was a tribute to JNF’s 110th Anniversary Celebration. 

“It was really wonderful to see international students studying at the Arava International Center for Agricultural Training (AICAT),” Ken shared. “They are helping Israel build relationships with the world. They come to Israel, fall in love with the country and its people and return to their homes and share that love with their friends and family. These students become ambassadors of Israel when they go out into the world.”

Pictured: Ken Segel and U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro


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