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JNF Holds High-Level Briefings with Former Israeli Ambassador

Former Israeli Ambassador Daniel Shek, presented high-level briefings to Jewish National Fund’s Lawyers for Israel Society and Boston Board of Directors. Shek, until recently, was ambassador to France and is currently Chair of the Arava Institute’s Public Council in Israel. He was in town for Friends of the Arava Institute’s Annual Public Forum.


The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies is a world-class teaching and research center that offers a unique approach to studying the environmental challenges of the Middle East. Working with leading professionals, academics, and researchers, students explore a range of environmental issues from a trans-boundary and interdisciplinary perspective while learning peace-building and leadership skills. The Arava Institute offers academic programs, research, and international cooperation initiatives on a range of environmental concerns and challenges, and prepares the students to make real improvements in their home communities in disciplines including policy, law, ethics, and economics.

Located on Kibbutz Ketura in Israel’s Arava Valley, the idea that nature knows no political borders is more than a belief. It is a fact, a curriculum, and a way of life. With a student body comprised of Jordanians, Palestinians, Israelis, and people from countries throughout the world, the Arava Institute provides students with the rare opportunity to live and learn together - allowing them to build networks and develop trust, understanding, and friendships that will enable future cooperative work and activism in the Middle East and beyond.

Jewish National Fund’s partnership with the Arava Institute provides student scholarships and supports the creation of new dormitories, classrooms, and other facilities on the state-of-the-art campus. In addition, a group of JNF cyclists participate in the Israel Ride, an annual bike ride to raise money for the Arava Institute.


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