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JNF Sapphire Society welcomes newest member Rachel Fine

JNF Sapphire Society President Amy Parsons and Sapphire Society member Rachel Chafetz proudly welcomed Weston resident,Rachel Fine, as the newest member of the Sapphire Society by presenting her with a Sapphire Society pin. Rachel has allocated her generous gift to support the Green Horizons youth movement.

The Sapphire Society is the women's major gift division of JNF. Sapphires share a special bond through their commitment to Zionism, and are part of an exclusive group of leaders helping to strengthen the homeland - one community, one project, one family at a time. The Sapphire Society has raised over $20 million in ten years for a wide variety of projects in Israel. Members, through their annual minimum $5,000 contribution, are entitled to wear the coveted Sapphire Society Pin.

Green Horizons focuses on helping Israeli youth acquire self-confidence, independence, curiosity and a better understanding of their surroundings. The JNF funded program takes participants on trips around Israel with the goal of fostering interpersonal relationships, leadership skills and a strong connection to the land of Israel. Over the past 37 years, Green Horizons has educated more than 20,000 young Israelis. Alumni include top-ranking Israel Defense Force officials, political figures, and some of the country’s most successful executives and professionals.

Pictured L-R: Rachel Chafetz, Rachel Fine, Amy Parsons


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