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 Did you know that Jews have lived in Georgia and Texas for centuries and today help comprise one of the fastest growing populations in the U.S.?

The territory down south may be vast, but we understand how to speak to every demographic. Young and old are looking to get involved and make a difference at home and in Israel and we here at JNF know how to make that happen. In fact, we just closed our most successful campaign year to date, marking years of steady growth. Our zone is involved in many areas of interest:

  • We hold both small and large educational and social events throughout the year that help educate the population as well as raise funds. These events particularly attract the snowbird population who are active and interested in being involved.
  • With a nod to population growth, we have increased our efforts in Texas with the addition of a new consultant, and have begun a JNFuture group in Atlanta to work with the next generation of leaders.
  • Thanks to JNF’s highly professional Planned Giving Department, we work successfully with many individuals to simultaneously meet their financial needs while allowing them to leave a legacy to Israel.
  • Our regional boards reflect the diverse population and allow for points of entry to all. In fact, we are excited when we see both the young and the more senior among us around the table.
  • We have made a difference in so many aspects of life in Israel with our contributions to reservoir construction, the Be’er Sheva River Park which is revitalizing the capitol of the Negev, new communities in the Negev, therapeutic horseback riding and so much more.

The Southern zone has regional offices in Atlanta and Texas. Click here to find out more about how you can make a difference in Israel by getting involved with JNF where you live.


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