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JNF Atlanta Golf Tournament

JNF 2010 Sam P. Alterman Memorial Golf Tournament
Monday, November 1, 2010
The Standard Club
Honorees: Alan and Stan Sunshine

Alan Sunshine practices gastroenterology and internal medicine with the Atlanta Gastroenterology group. He is connected to Israel through his family, his appreciation for history and his religious beliefs. Alan is well known and respected as a staunch and vocal advocate for Israel.

In the closing remarks of his speech, Alan Sunshine shares his support for Jewish National Fund:

The Jewish connection to the land of Israel goes back to G-ds’ promise to Abraham to make a great nation.  G-d, Torah, and Land were three core elements of Judaism. Jews remained tied to the land of Israel when they were not living there. In our various Diasporas we stayed tied emotionally and religiously to the land of Israel.

In the 19th century, the idea to create a Jewish homeland took its first major steps toward realization. The Jewish National Fund was there at the beginning and it was critical to Israel’s establishment in 1948. The JNF owned almost one half of all the land legally owned by Jews when the state was established.

What we have to remember in how the Zionist built their geographic nucleus for state, the majority of the money used came from private and individual investors. It’s meaning? Individual Jews bet on themselves, used their own capital to create schools, businesses, and settlements. The JNF helped these individuals particularly after WWII.

Since 1948, the JNF’s impact on developing Israel’s infrastructure, developing water projects, preserving the land, and generally assisting Israel’s internal development has been enormously valuable. It is important today as Israel is abused in the media and virulently criticized on university campuses

The last frontier of the development of the State is the development of the Negev.  60% of Israel’s land mass with only 8% of the population.  To promote the development of the Negev, JNF is leading, following and partnering with the State to develop Be’er Sheva and new small communities, tourist and social service infrastructure and jobs.

JNF boasts a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator four years running a top rating from The American Institute of Philanthropy and met all of 20 rigorous Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance Standards.  JNF is serious about being donor responsive and fiscally responsible.  

JNF’s role was central and critical in establishing the Jewish state. Let’s remember, the important role it played, the role it is playing, in shaping and forming the state. It is legacy to be proud of and to tell others about.


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