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Thank you letter from ASB alumni


My name is Adam Maslia, and I had the pleasure of meeting you all when you came to the College of Charleston earlier this year. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for coming and sharing information about JNF's Alternative Spring Break (ASB) with me. This past week I participated in ASB (ICC's Greek Bus), and had a truly life changing experience. Despite having interned with JNF in Atlanta 2 years ago, I did not fully understand how important JNF's mission was to Israel until I was in the Negev participating in hands on prjoects. From Aleh-Negev to Earth's Promise to the Beer Sheva River Walk, I was able to physically see how essential JNF's efforts, especially those in the Negev, are to ensuring that Israel remains the Jewish homeland forever. I could not help but feel like one of the original chalutzim as I struggled to cultivate the rocky and sun-baked Israel soil, an experience that I would not have traded for any other spring break trip.

I just wanted to thank you all and the JNF as a whole for making this opportunity possible for me and so many other college students. As a student interested in pursuing the  Jewish professional world, I look forward to maintaining my already strong relationship with the JNF, whether it be professionally or voluntarily.

I have attached a photo of me sifting some dirt ( or "earth" as the Israelis call it) in preparation for a mud bench.


Adam Maslia
Junior, College of Charleston

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