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Alisa Bodner

Lotem-JNF Liaison

Travels from Jerusalem, Israel

Availability: Contact JNF Speakers Bureau for availability or contact the speaker directly.



JNF's Work in Israel, Positively Israel


participating in JNF’s Alternative Spring Break trip three times and multiple other programs in Israel, Alisa moved to Israel. She currently resides in Jerusalem.

When moving to Israel, Alisa knew that she wanted to be involved in something where every day she could be making a difference for the people of Israel.  Alisa’s passion for hiking and love of the Land led her to LOTEM, the leading organization in Israel is dedicated to making nature accessible to people with special needs.   She would never have thought that five years after her first ASB trip, she would be back in Israel with a JNF partner organization, leading its efforts to raise awareness for the organization throughout the US and working to bring the Land of Israel to all the people of Israel.

Download a prepared introduction for Alisa Bodner alisa-bodner-2.doc


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