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Ariel Kotler

JNF Israel Operations Development Officer

Travels from Israel

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Ariel Kotler is the development officer for Jewish National Fund in Israel.

He was born and raised in Jerusalem, the son of parents from the tri-state area who made aliya in 1978. Ariel grew up like all Israeli children and joined the army when he turned 18, serving two tours of duty in Lebanon during Israel’s return to the international border.  He also studied to be a medic, completed the intensive officer’s training, was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the Intelligence Infantry, and later became the instructor for the officer’s course. 

Right before he was to conclude his army service, Ariel participated in a five-day educational mission to Poland along with 120 other IDF officers and a Holocaust survivor.  There he saw the ghettos, concentration camps and graveyards of a country once rich with Jewry, whereupon he realized that his time serving the Jewish homeland was not over.

As someone who unfortunately attended 10 funerals before the age of 20 and knows the anguish and pain of terror and war, Ariel is honored to be part of an organization that is doing such important work for Israel.

Ariel is married to Ranit and together they have five children, Chaim (9), Ayelet (7), Eitan (5) and Moria (3) and a baby Shira. After living in NJ for eight years, in the summer of 2009 Ariel and his family returned to live in Israel permanently.

Ariel is available to speak about the current situation in Israel, the work that Jewish National Fund has done over the past 110 years, and how together we are securing a better future for the people and the land of Israel.

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