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Arthur Aaron


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Arthur Aaron was born and educated in New York City. He is a graduate of Yeshiva University in New York with a degree in political science. He was at various times a national promotion director and national distribution manager for N.Y. record labels. Aaron also spent time as a manager of rock bands and in the production of records and jingles for radio and television commercials. He has been involved in the music industry for more than 40 years.

In 1980 Aaron took a leave of absence from all of his commercial endeavors, to work on the U.S. Senate campaign of Arlen Specter. Senator Specter, victorious, went on to serve in the U.S. Senate with distinction for 40 years. In 1999 Aaron took another sabbatical from his commercial activities to write Sid Bernstein's biography. He knew Sid Bernstein for 45 years. Bernstein is credited with bringing the Beatles to America, and with staging them in Shea Stadium at what is considered to be the most important concert in the history of popular music. Bernstein's career in the entertainment industry is legendary.

Aaron is currently semi-retired, and is writing a book for his grandchildren about the interesting people he has known, and the note -worthy experiences that he has had in his life. Arthur Aaron lives in New Jersey with his wife Julia. He has been a fan of the Beatles for more than 50 years.

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