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Avi Melamed

Independent Strategic Intelligence Analyst and Middle East Expert

Travels from Emek Hefer, Israel

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Anti-Terrorism and Security, Middle Eastern and Foreign Affairs


Avi Melamed  is an independent Strategic Intelligence Analyst and Regional Expert specializing in the Current Affairs of the Arab and Muslim world and its impact on Israel and the Middle East.

Avi provides intelligence analysis to private clients, diplomats, organizations, Israeli and foreign policy-makers, and media outlets on a range of Israel and Middle East Affairs including: The Arab Awakening; The Arab and Muslim World and Its Relationship With Israel; Emerging Challenges and Opportunities in the Middle East; Israel's Security Environment; Jerusalem Behind the Scenes; Western Democracy and Radical Islam; The Whole World Doesn't Think in English, etc.

Avi's tours and briefings, based on Arab sources, years of field experience, policy design and intimate connections throughout the Arab world, offer an insider’s view of the constantly-changing Middle East landscape. His experiences and connections, coupled with his comprehensive and insightful analysis, provide people with the crucial missing link in the puzzle of their knowledge and serves to greatly enhance their understanding of this complex region.

Avi's IDF service was in a Combat Intelligence Unit. He holds a B.A. in history and Middle Eastern studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is a graduate of the International Program for Conflict Resolution at the Leonard Davis Institute at George Mason University as well as the Program for Outstanding Leadership at the Carmel Institute for Military Research he also graduated of the JAFI Program for Lay Leadership.

Most of his professional career, both as an Intelligence and Counter terrorism Official and as the youngest-ever Senior Advisor on Jerusalemite Arab Affairs to Mayor Teddy Kollek and to his successor, Mayor Ehud Olmert, was spent in Arab-speaking areas.

After public service Avi founded Mikdam a strategic consulting company. Simultaneously he entered the field of education; while teaching he founded Idan, a grassroots movement of educators and students empowering educators to recapture their visionary role.

Most recently he established Israel Speaks Arabic. This unique and unprecedented non-profit initiative uses the internet to present contemporary Israeli society and culture to the Arab world in Arabic. This step towards opening a dialogue with the Arab world receives hundreds of hits a day from across the Arab world and widened his connections within the Arab world. Avi hopes to expand this project to include Arabs and Israelis who can engage in constructive dialogue around issues of common interest.

Through all of Avi’s efforts, as a speaker, an analyst, a writer, and an entrepreneur, he is a bridge builder. He dedicates himself to enhancing the Arabic, English and Hebrew speaking audience’s comprehensive understanding of the Middle East and of each other.

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