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Avner Even-Zohar

Decorated Captain & Professor for Israel & Hebrew Studies

Travels from Carmel Valley, California

Availability: Contact JNF Speakers Bureau for availability or contact the speaker directly.



Inside Israel and US Government, Anti-Terrorism and Security, Middle Eastern and Foreign Affairs, Positively Israel


Professor Avner Even-Zohar is a Sabra (native Israeli born) and served for 6 years in the Israeli army as an education officer. Captain Even-Zohar was among the very few officers who were awarded twice during their service for highest excellence as an Army NCO (Non commissioned Officer) and as an officers school cadet as he graduated with the highest honors twice. As a captain he served on the chief of staff inspection team for the Army, Navy and Air Force and as a commander of an education base in the Upper Galilee. He served in the West Bank and in Lebanon.

Captain Even-Zohar was awarded twice the Danziger scholarship for excellence in Hebrew studies and got both his BA and MA from the University of Texas in Austin in Government, Middle Eastern and Hebrew studies. He graduated with honors. His Master thesis titled "Attitudes Towards the Holocaust and Sexuality as Defining Trait: The Sabras Character in Israeli Culture". He was recognized for initiating the first (and so far the last) Israeli-Syrian distinguish speakers program on campus.

Captain Avner published a book for adults and kids about emotional intelligence, leadership and Happiness- the book titled “If You Want To Be Happy-Be!” coined him the name Captain Happiness.

Professor Even-Zohar was awarded by the US Air Force, Army and Marine Corps for his efforts in educating thousands of   troops on the Holocaust, diversity, democracy and human rights.
Professor Even-Zohar works to build bridges between the Jewish community and the GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender) community. He taught a Queer Jewish class at the Harvey Milk Institute in San-Francisco named "Gay? Oy Vey!" and “Queer? Oy Veys Mir!”
Captain Even-Zohar was promoted to a Professor and the youngest ever Chair of the Department of Turkish & Hebrew Studies after three weeks of employment with the US Military academy in Monterey CA in 2005. 
Professor Even-Zohar is an Internationally published author in What Israel Means To Me (US & Canada: Wiley, 2006), edited by Harvard University professor Alan Dershowitz.
Professor Even-Zohar published  essays on the acclaimed series “This I believe” on National Public Radio.
In his free time Avner enjoys swimming, roller blading, hiking, skiing, scuba diving, reading and above all Karaoke singing (he truly enjoys doing it, friends politely asked him to quit- but that’s merely because they are jealous).


Download a prepared introduction for Avner Even-Zohar avner-even-zohar.doc


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