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Barbara Burry

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Barbara Burry has served on the Mountain States JNF Board for the past five years. She is chair of the Mountain States WFI Committee and previously served as co-chair of the Community Campaign. She serves on the Executive Committee of The JNF National Board of Women for Israel. She is a member of the Sapphire Society and a member of Makor.

She has been to Israel many times beginning as a teenager in 1963 and most recently on the Spirit of Israel Mission in 2013. Her commitment to Israel and the people of Israel strengthens with each visit. She is always amazed at the changes that have transformed Israel from visit to visit, many with the support of JNF.

A graduate of Syracuse University, she received an MBA degree from Boston University. She is a third generation American born in Bangor, Maine and has followed her family tradition of support for Israel and Jewish causes.

She has served on any local boards including being the first woman President of the BMH Congregation (now BMH-BJ), a modern orthodox , Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado, The Central Agency for Jewish Education, and chair of the Center for Community Enrichment of the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver.

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