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Chuck Freilich

Senior Fellow Former Deputy National Security Advisor, Israel

Travels from Cambridge, MA

Availability: Contact JNF Speakers Bureau for availability or contact the speaker directly.


Academic Perspectives on Israel and Jewish History, Anti-Terrorism and Security, Middle Eastern and Foreign Affairs


Chuck Freilich was a Deputy National Security Adviser in Israel. He is now a Senior Fellow at the Belfer Center at Harvard's Kennedy School, where he has recently completed a book on Israeli national security decision making processes. He is now working on a new book on national security challenges in the Middle East generally, with a focus on scenarios for developments in the region.

Chuck's primary areas of expertise are the Middle East, US-Middle East policy and Israeli national security policy. He has taught political science at Harvard, NYU, Columbia and Tel Aviv Universities.

Chuck has appeared as a commentator for ABC, CNN, NPR, El Jezira and various US and Israeli radio and TV stations. He has been quoted in the NY Times and other media and published numerous articles and op-eds.

Chuck was a Senior Analyst at the Israel Ministry of Defense, focusing on strategic affairs, Policy Advisor to a cabinet minister and a Delegate at the Israeli Mission to the UN. He was the Executive Director of two non profits and served in the Israel Defense Forces for five years (reserve major). Chuck earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University. Born in New York, he immigrated to Israel in his teens.

Download a prepared introduction for Chuck Freilich chuck-freilich.doc

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• Understanding the Middle East: An Introduction to Egyptian/Iranian/Saudi/Turkish/Syrian/Lebanese National Security Policy (could be single lecture on one country or series)
• A Unique Nation Faces Unique Threats: National Security Decision Making in Israel
• Fundamentals of Israeli National Security Strategy – Threats and Strategic Reponses
• Seeking New Allies – Israel, Turkey and India


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