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David Rosner


David Rosner is a Marine, a professional speaker, a TV pundit, an inventor, and a fundraiser. He has served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 26 years, a veteran of two wars. He is currently involved in fundraising for varied film/television projects and business ventures and runs his own company, Nudnick Productions.

In the public forum, David provides insight to current event stemming from his knowledge gained through military experience, incorporating his specialties in intelligence, civil affair plans, public affairs, and critical analysis. He dispels common misconceptions and media bias while using humor to make facts more digestible. Likewise, David employs Chasidic philosophy to explain the motivations and ramifications of human action.

A graduate of the University of New Mexico, David also holds a certificate of Entrepreneurship from UCLA Anderson School of Management’s Entrepreneurship for Veterans program and is a graduate of the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies Red Team Member course.

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