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Deborah Riegel

JNF Makor Member; JNF Board Member, New York; Chair, Lawyers for Israel, New York

Travels from New York, NY

Availability: Contact JNF Speakers Bureau for availability.


Free Makor Speakers, Positively Israel


Deborah Reigel’s deep passion for sustaining and improving the state of Israel is fulfilled through her work with Jewish National Fund. She chairs the New York chapter of JNF Lawyers for Israel and is a member of the New York board. She also co-chaired the JNF’s first-ever Law & Justice Tour, a mission to Israel comprised of lawyers and law enforcement personnel. Ms. Reigel has been a leader in spreading JNF’s message to communities that are unfamiliar with the organization’s work.

Ms. Riegel practices real estate law in New York City, primarily as a litigator, and is an adjunct professor at Brooklyn Law School.

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Makor (Hebrew for “source”) is a specially-trained cadre of highly-involved Jewish National Fund volunteers. Our primary role is to support the core functions of JNF by direct fundraising. Thus, we identify prospective donors, conduct direct solicitations in our own communities and around the United States and assist in educating the public about the JNF and its projects.

Makor also serves as a source for lay leadership. We are leaders in our own communities, and provide training and inspiration for other community leaders on solicitation techniques, board development and outreach and on the work of the JNF. Makor members also assume JNF leadership positions on a national level.

We are proud leaders who are committed to the mission of the JNF, the caretaker of the land of Israel forever. In addition, Makor is a source of innovation within the JNF. Our diverse backgrounds, coupled with our common commitment, foster a free-flow of ideas to keep JNF as relevant and productive as possible.

Makor members travel to Israel each year to study JNF projects and programs in depth, and bring their insights and experiences to you. Members speak at no charge.


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