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Donna Rosenthal

Award winning Journalist and Author

Travels from San Francisco, California

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Media and Current Events, Middle Eastern and Foreign Affairs, Positively Israel


Donna Rosenthal is author of the internationally acclaimed "THE ISRAELIS: Ordinary People in an Extraordinary Land"

She was a news producer at Israel TV, reporter for Israel Radio and The Jerusalem Post, and taught at the Hebrew University.

Her articles have appeared in The New York Times, Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, The Atlantic Monthly and many other publications.

Ms. Rosenthal frequently is interviewed about Israel on TV and radio -- from CNN to Fox to National Public Radio.

In a Publishers Weekly national poll, Ms. Rosenthal placed in the top ten most popular Jewish speakers -- and the only female. She is a keynote speaker to a wide variety of groups.

The award winning "THE ISRAELIS," called "the best book about Israelis in decades," and "a panorama of Israeli diversity"-- has over 100 favorable reviews across the religious and political spectrums: from The Washington Post to The Los Angeles Times to The Weekly Standard and all major Israeli newspapers -- from The Jerusalem Post to Haaretz.

Ms. Rosenthal has reported from Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan and was the first journalist to travel to remote Ethiopian mountain villages and tell Israeli radio audiences about Jews praying in grass hut synagogues to immigrate to Israel. Her "adopted" brother, the first Israel Air Force officer born in Ethiopia, was a leader of Operation Solomon, which airlifted more that 14,000 Jews to Israel in 36 hours.

A winner of three Lowell Thomas Journalism Awards: Best Foreign News (The New York Times); Best Investigative Reporting; and Best Adventure Writing, she has traveled to more than sixty countries.

She holds a BA from University of California Berkeley and a Masters (Middle East/International Relations) from The London School of Economics. Ms. Rosenthal has taught journalism at three universities. She also consults for business executives, diplomats about cross-cultural communication with Israelis.

Speaker Topics

  • Everything You've Always Wanted to Know about Israelis...But Were Afraid to Ask.
  • The Many Faces of Israelis: youth, soldiers, high techies, Ashkenazim, Mizrahim, Orthodox and non-Orthodox Jews, Russians, Ethiopians, Christians, Muslims, Druze and gays.
  • Israel, Iran & the Islamic Intifada (the so-called "Arab Spring"): Risks & Realities
  • Israel & the Media: Israel has the world’s largest international press corps per capita. So why so much misinformation? A Journalist's Perspective
  • Israeli Women: They Wear Army Helmets, Wigs, Veils...and I-Pod Ear Buds
  • From Prophets to Profits: Why the Israeli Economy is Booming.
  • Moscow on The Mediterrean: How Russian immigrants are transforming Israel
  • Out of Africa: The Ethiopian Israelis. From the world's largest human airlift to culture shock living in a country of strange white Jews
  • The Most Common Name for an Israeli Boy? Muhammad.  Who are the wealthiest and most educated Israelis per capita? Christians. Who are Israeli Muslim & Christian Arabs?

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