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Doron Almog

Major General (Res.)

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IDF Major General Doron Almog is a decorated veteran and altruist who received the Israel Prize in 2016. Maj. Gen. Almog founded ALEH-Negev, a state-of-the-art rehabilitative center in the Negev, one of Jewish National Fund’s key partners in making Israel more inclusive, which, when complete, will be home to over 200 adults with disabilities and serve 12,000 children and young adults with disabilities each year. While in the IDF, he led an operational task force against the terrorists who murdered the Israeli sports team during the Munich Olympics, commanded the first force to land in Entebbe airport during the 1976 rescue operation, and played a key role in the clandestine missions that rescued around 6,000 Jewish Ethiopians from Refugee camps in the Sudan.

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