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Dror Avital

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Dror Avital (35), was born in Netanya Israel and is currently living in Karkur, Israel with his wife Hadar and his daughter Reut.

In his youth, Dror was a Counsellor and Active Member of the Israeli Scouts, where his love and passion for Israel took shape.

Dror served in an elite Counter Terrorism Unit for three years

After finishing his Army Service, Dror became a volunteer for The Aharai Organization, where he worked with 'At Risk' youth at th ages of 16 and 17. During this time he provided them with pre army training and mentorship in order that they could turn their lives round, enter into good units and have a meaningful army service

It was at this time that Dror realized the importance of raising the next generation to be connected with Israel in order that we will have a strong country in the future. Consequently, Seeing the incredible impact that was being made upon these teenager's. Dror decided to take up a managerial position at Aharai, whilst at the same time studying for his first Degree in Law. After completing his first degree, Dror worked for a number of years Education Cities Organization's as a senior Director and in the corporate sector and was the owner and partner in several company's and projects and the CEO of Israel Khan Academy organization .

During this time Dror also completed a second degree in Business and the The last position Dror hels was Head of Business Development at GRapps development company.

Despite having a successful and lucrative career in the business sector, Dror always felt that something was missing and longed to do something that would give him real value and meaning.

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