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Ellen Cannon

Policy and National Political Analyst

Travels from Chicago, Illinois

Availability: Contact JNF Speakers Bureau for availability or contact the speaker directly.


Anti-Terrorism and Security, Middle Eastern and Foreign Affairs, Inside Israel and US Government


Dr. Ellen Cannon is Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at Northeastern Illinois University for over twenty-five years in addition to being CEO of Cannon Consulting Group. Both as a public policy professor and a consultant to major corporations, Dr. Cannon advises national and international leaders on trends, policy issues, modernization of organizational structures, and positive visions and leadership designs for the 21st century. As a policy analyst for the Jewish world, Dr. Cannon is one of America’s foremost defenders of Israel and a powerful 21st century Jewish community. She is a faculty member of the Wexner Heritage Foundation; a member of the American Jewish Committee Faculty Consulting Group on the Future of Israel Studies in America; Vice President of the American Jewish Congress (Midwest region); national lecturer for AIPAC; scholar in resident for Camp Ramah; member of the Board of Directors of The Chicago Day School; a lecturer for the Steinhardt Internship Program, Commissioner for Jewish Women's Equality of the American Jewish Congress from 1988-l994; and a recipient of the Esther Award for Jewish Women's leadership from Shalva, an organization that combats violence.

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Popular Speeches:

  • 2012 Election and the Jewish vote
  • Changing U.S.-Israeli Relations
  • Obama vs. Romney on Middle East Relations
  • The critical changes in the Middle East
  • The growth of worldwide Islamic politics
  • The changing Jewish demographics
  • Global warming and Israel's role in solving this problem
  • The continued growth of anti-Zionism
  • The continued threat of terrorism

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