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Gil Tamary

Israeli Reporter

Travels from Rockville, MD

Availability: Contact JNF Speakers Bureau for availability or contact the speaker directly.


Media and Current Events, Middle Eastern and Foreign Affairs, Positively Israel


Gil Tamary is the Washington Bureau Chief for Israel’s Channel 10 News, and is known by virtually every Israeli as a top news reporter. He has worked for Israel Broadcasting Authority, Israel Public Radio, and as anchor and chief editor of "Good Morning Israel."

Gil covers a wide range of Middle East issues from the U.S. and conducts exclusive interviews with many dignitaries and political figures, including presidents, secretaries of state, the head of the World Bank and others.

His reporting has spanned from the Camp David Accords in 2000 where he conducted an exclusive interview with President Clinton, the 9/11 story and the Iraq war – to a recent, exclusives interviews with President Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice , Senator Barack Obama, and many more.

Also known for his reporting on the Israeli economy, Gil used to serve as International Editor of Forbes - Israel magazine, and Economic Editor for Israel TV and the IDF radio.

His family made aliyah to Israel in the 1880’s in the first Zionist immigration wave and established two of the first Jewish “moshavot” in the Galilee. Gil is a reserve officer in the IDF.

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