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Hanni Arnon

Executive Director, AICAT

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Born and raised in Jerusalem, Hanni always saw herself as an educator and holds a B.A in Education.

In 1981, Hanni decided to move to the Arava to settle the region and meet new challenges. Together with her husband, Moti, an agronomist, they moved to Moshav Idan, the newest agricultural community in Central Arava. Having established a successful farm, Hanni evolved as one of Idan’s leaders, focusing mainly on promoting education, culture and welfare.

In 1994, Hanni decided to make use of her agricultural and educational experience by becoming the founder and executive director of AICAT.

AICAT’s goal is to educate students from agricultural countries, providing them with various tools in order to form a successful agricultural business in their home countries.

The students stay in Central Arava for 10 months during which time, they attend courses in agriculture, business management, marketing, finance, computer skills, entrepreneurship, etc.

In addition, they also have practical field work on the local farms under Arava farmers' guidance.

During their time in the Arava, The trainees are exposed to modern agriculture techniques and technologies, as well as to the Jewish tradition, Israel's creativity and to the Arava community pioneer spirit. They learn above all that "If you will it - it is no legend". AICAT promotes the belief that "If you give a person a fish you feed him for a day; Teach a person to fish and you feed him for a life time".

As an educator, Hanni believes that education provides people with the tools to change one's life as well as serve as a bridge between different people from different backgrounds, religions and nationalities.

Ever since its establishment 18 years ago, AICAT’s program has had a tremendous impact on people’s lives both in the Arava, in providing high quality jobs to the residents thus promoting the development of the region, and beyond Israel's boundaries.

Hanni's vision is to increase AICAT's impact by building an international campus for agriculture studies in Central Arava

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