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Itai Freeman

Be’er-Sheva River Park Project Director

Travels from Kibutz Shoval, Israel

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Itai Freeman, an Environmental and Urban Planner, has been engaging environmental challenges in the municipal sector in Israel for the past eleven years. In 2005, he became involved in desert rivers rehabilitation, as both planner and project manager. In 2006, Itai took upon himself the establishment of the Be’er-Sheva River Park. Prior to that, he worked in his self-established environmental consulting firm.

As the Be'er-Sheva River Park Project Director, Itai's major responsibilities include coordinating parallel planning and construction processes, developing the park business plan and coordinating fundraising from government (local & national) and philanthropic sources. As part of the long-term vision, Itai promotes the park’s educational plan with kids of Be’er-Sheva and surrounding communities.

Itai received his B.A in Physical Geography and Environment from Bar Ilan University and his Masters Degree in Environmental Management and Planning from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Itai lives in Kibutz Shoval, north of Be'er-Sheva, with his wife Inbar and their three children.

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